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LDA V4 - motivation and objectiv

Situation and opportunities of eGovernment development and ICT in the local governments in the V4 countries.


Development of information society is a priority for all the V4 countries that follow EU concepts in the area of innovation, competitiveness and modernization of public administration (eGovernment). In this area the V4 countries are also connected by common parallels in society democratization procedures, public administration decentralization, application of ICT for state agenda processions as well as for purely self-governing activities. Such activities include electronic communication of citizens with authorities, work with land data, care for sustainable development of the municipality/region and other self-government issues. Local governments play an important role also in support of eParticipation of the citizens, involving citizens in the course of events in the municipality/region, reinforcing town-twinning with municipalities and regions of other countries or promotion in the international context.

Innovative application of ICT does not lead only to effective performance of public administration but also to the development and increase in competitiveness. High-quality analysis of solutions, determining priorities, good strategy and projects concerning its completion are key presumptions for the right way ahead. Systematic cooperation with similar bodies at home as well as in the neighbouring countries, application of benchmarking tools, choosing best practice examples, exchange of experience and mutual inspiration are not less important. It is exactly such procedures applied in self-governments of V4 countries as well as in the area of eGovernment and ICT in the public administration that generally lead to reinforcing inner cohesion, effective common procedure within EU as well as promotion of Visegrad cooperation in broader world scale.  

Objective of the strategic project is therefore to outline the state of implementation of eGovernment and ICT in the chosen self-governments in individual Visegrad countries in the context of European as well as national strategies and programmes, to provide mutual comparison, to choose best practice examples, to provide exchange of experience, to identify opportunities for further development and define recommendation of next steps.

Zodpovídá: Ing. Martina Rojková
Vytvořeno / změněno: 24.7.2012 / 24.7.2012
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